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As Nazis Closed In, Jews Fled Their French Refuge for the Mountains

"Terror' Truck Mows Down Tourists/Locals in Barcelona

Inside Russian Oligarchs' Secret Lives in the south of France

The Racists, the Arabs & the Appalled in Marine Le Pen's Stronghold

The French Farmer Turned Migrant Smuggling Hero

The Alt-Right's French Inspiration

Oliver Stone: Russia Gets a Bad Rap

How Angelina Jolie Works the Press

Muslims in Nice Horrified by Truck Terrorist Attack

France's Infamous Undead Jihadist Recruiter

 Terrorist Mows Down 84 in Nice, France

Mom, Dad Praise Hero Son for Stopping French Terrorist

Off-Duty U.S. Soldiers Stop Train Attack in France

Was it Murder on the Matterhorn?

The"Black Widow of the French Riviera" & Her Elderly Victims

ISIS' Revenge? "Bloody Friday" Kills More than 70 in Three Countries

French Taxi Drivers Explode in Violence Against Uber

Kids Torn Between Two Countries, Two Parents

A Monaco International Custody Nightmare

How Lewis Hamilton Lost the Monaco Grand Prix

Cannes 2015: Live on MSNBC - Best/Worst of Festival

Cannes 2015: Live on MSNBC on "Flatgate"

Cannes 2015: How a Blind Actor Navigates the Croisette

Cannes 2015: Natalie Portman's Zionist Manifesto

Monaco Diary: Murder, Russian Billionaires & a Risky Royal Marriage

Debauchery, Danger & Decadence on Superyachts

 "Stakeknife": A Double Agent at the Heart of Northern Ireland's Troubles

Northern Ireland Enjoys "Game of Thrones" Effect 

Murder in Ireland: Who Killed Sophie?

IRA Accused of Child Abuse Cover-Up

Ireland's Harrowing BDSM Trial

France's Littlest Drug Mules

From Monaco: Vanished in Front of 520 Cameras

Terror is the New Normal in France

France's Piper Piper of Jihad

Saudi Arabia: The Crazy Clerics Who Control the World's Oil

In Paris "Suburbs," Muslims Blame Jews for Charlie Shooting

Paris Under Siege

Why is Angelina Jolie Smoking?

Bill Cosby Didn't Rape Me But He Mailed Me A Dead Apple

Young Hollywood Questions Israeli Policies

Heiress Shooting Reveals Monaco's Darker Side

The Secrets & Scandal Behind France's Most Famous Hotel

$40,000-a-Night Escorts: Secrets of the Cannes Call Girls

Series of investigative stories on Scientology

Hurricane Sandy:  The Anger on Staten Island

The Lemons of Menton, France

Khaled Al-Johani: "The Bravest Man in Saudi Arabia"



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